Wiki: Speedrunning the LLM from scratch Curriculum in 72 hours (2024-03-10)

Note: This wiki will overtime grow to become an efficient way to learn Generative AI (GPT) in a contiguous period of 72 hours (optionally including sleep). This is a collection of notes and links at this point. The goal is for this to become an Alexey Guzey type of a intense minute by minute curriculum.


Hacker Retreats are fun. We’ve done music themed ones, ham radio ones etc. The goal of this web page is to compose a curriculum, or simply an intense schedule, which would guide a group of hackers from point A to point Z in developing a ChatGPT-like system from scratch.


How (time management)

More Tools:

Who (can help)

Is this even a good idea


Here is a reply on a wiki post - email sent??

And here is another one!