TIL: There is a new Elecraft QRP Ham Radio - KH1 - and it is small and cute! Should we relearn CW? (2024-03-19)

We are huge fans of Elecraft amateur radio gear.

At home, the main (and only) HF (high frequency) rig is the mighty Elecraft K3s, which is sadly no longer produced. Ham radio operators love these machines.

The QRP receivers inspire me to learn CW (morse code).
Here is KX2:

The K2 Transceiver Kit – you have to assemble yourself!! (How awesome is this?)

And here is the KH1 - extremely cute and tiny HF transceiver.

About 25 years ago I had learned CW, and even had a few contacts (QSOs) in morse code. But I have not practiced it since. Should I relearn? I know there are new digital modes, such as FT8 (and the many others supported by WSJT).