Retro computers we wish were still around... (2024-03-11)

There are machines that look aesthetically pleasing and we find to be perhaps even usable today.

No, not the ASR33. No offense - but the Teletype Model 33 was… ugly. Strange humanoid.


You’re not convinced?

Let me try again – look here


We are actually a fan of the ASR 33

Proof: Links on teletypes & editors + ASR33 TTY w/ EPSON dot matrix (2024-01-08)

Cute Retro Computers

(that I wish I could use today)

The Minitel is super cute. Why couldn’t this show some version of your corp Slack?


The Philips Videopac G7200 from 1983 is gorgeous even though a bit glossy for our preference. Ditch Outlook and put mutt on this thing. Play a game or two between emails.


… and in the process we found a new book: