Paying Homage to SCO Unix; Plexus on SCO; Hiring Programmers (2024-02-10)

Every time I visit Santa Cruz (often) I am reminded of SCO Unix and the final days of commercial and proprietary UNIX.

I am also reminded of Plex Systems (my alma mater), which was first written for SCO Unix by Robert Beatty back in 1995

The business grew and Rob and crew were actively looking for SCO Unix programmers in 1996 (Detroit Free Press December 28 1996):


Probably that’s how Eric ended up at Plex and in 2008 was showing me Plex (then Plexus) on SCO. I remember seeing “Santa Cruz Operations” scrolling up the screen as he booted a machine. So now every time I drive on Highway 17 and get close to the beach, I think of these moments, and remember how fast the world changes.

As it turns out there was VIN - a Bulgarian Cyrillic Screen Text Editor for SCO Unix.

This was made by Peter Petkov at НОАК ЕООД.

Interviewing Programmers

This Ethan Brooks article is about hiring writers. But I think it applies to programmers too:

If someone writes compulsively, and just can’t help themselves, that’s a behavioral advantage. They have an edge over the person who has to force themselves to sit down and write.

I’d like to apply this to programmers. If someone programs/builds compulsively – I want to work with them! I love people who solve problems by programming.