Monitoring Internet latency; akvorado; prometheus; grafana (2024-02-20)

When it comes to my Internet connection I am often more worried about my latency, than by throughput. I’d be ok with even 1Mb (a single megabit) connection, but I’d prefer for my latency to whatever servers I’m working with to be under 100ms. Ideally under 50, even under 10ms.

So I ping a few things often. I decided to create a ping tool that measures these for me and visualizes it.

Here it is on GitHub: Internet Latency Gauge

This is a tool that continuously pings a list of destinations, records the time, then visualizes it.
The bill of materials:

  • Go code
  • Prometheus
  • Grafana
  • everything packaged in a container with some reasonable defaults

While researching how to build the defaults for this tool - I found Akvorado - seems very interesting and worth exploring further.