Memex: Today's Reading and Links (2024-01-21)

There are very different programming styles. I tend to see them as Mozart versus Beethoven. When Mozart started to write, the composition was finished. He wrote the manuscript in one go. In beautiful handwriting too. Beethoven was a doubter and a struggler who started writing before he finished the composition. And then glued corrections onto the page. In one place he did this nine times. When they peeled them, the last version proved identical to the first one.

That iterative method of programming is somehow a very Anglo-Saxon custom. British education is pervaded by it. People learn, when they write, not to try to get it right the first time. Just write what’s on your mind and then rewrite repeatedly to get the product you want. That’s partly why word processors are marketed so aggressively and partly why they have been so successful here. While it is one of the advantages of working with pen and paper that when you start a sentence you should have it ready.

— Edsger W. Dijkstra1

  • I have been thinking (and writing) about writing on paper. This is an excellent way to a) practice programming craft and b) interview folks for said craft.
  • during a visit to Bell’s Books in Palo Alto, CA yesterday I picked up a thought provoking book: Degrowth
    • today I noticed this on Reddit, while researching AWS Bare Metal: Smokey says: Can an infinitely-large economy fit into a finitely-sized Earth? Hint: no [see more tips]
  • turns out AWS bare metal is a pseudo-bare metal - these run on a lightweight Nitro hypervisor, which manages memory and CPU allocation.
  • Google Bard was very generous to give me a list of Bare Metal providers, prices, and configuration available:
Provider Location Cheapest Configuration (CPU/RAM/Storage) Price per Month URL
Vultr Global (16 locations) 1 CPU / 512 GB RAM / 1 TB NVMe $35
OVHcloud Europe (14 locations) 1 CPU / 2 GB RAM / 20 GB SSD €19.99 Bare Metal as a Service in Public Cloud | OVHcloud Labs
Scaleway Europe (3 locations) 1 CPU / 8 GB RAM / 240 GB SSD €20 Elastic Metal - bare metal servers in the cloud | Scaleway
Zenlayer Global (40+ locations) 1 CPU / 8 GB RAM / 240 GB SSD $49
Equinix Metal Global (32 locations) 1 CPU / 4 GB RAM / 240 GB SSD $39
DigitalOcean Global (12 locations) 1 CPU / 4 GB RAM / 256 GB NVMe $45 Bare Metal :: DigitalOcean Documentation
UpCloud Europe (4 locations) 1 CPU / 4 GB RAM / 240 GB SSD €25 Private Cloud - UpCloud
OVHcloud Bare Metal Cloud Canada (2 locations) 1 CPU / 4 GB RAM / 20 GB SSD $53 Dedicated Server | Bare Metal servers | OVHcloud
RackNerd USA (8 locations) 1 CPU / 8 GB RAM / 240 GB SSD $34.99
iWeb Technologies India (2 locations) 1 CPU / 4 GB RAM / 240 GB SSD ₹3,499 INDUSTRIES – IWEB
UColo USA (3 locations) 1 CPU / 4 GB RAM / 240 GB SSD $39 Benefits of Turning to Colocated Bare-Metal Servers | Data Center Knowledge | News and analysis for the data center industry
Paperspace USA (8 locations) 1 CPU / 4 GB RAM / 240 GB SSD $39