Memex: Today's CodeReading and Links (2023-01-20)

  • the new release of pwsafe (Release 3.65.0 · pwsafe/pwsafe · GitHub) reminds me that this is another great repository worth reading through - content for

    • There is a lot to learn from pwsafe - here is for instance an entry into studying AES cryptography.
    • Upon running pwsafe today it showed WARNING: pwsafe unable to use secure ram (need to be setuid root) - it would be interesting to specifically study use secure ram
      • sudo chmod u+s $(which pwsafe)
      • pwsafe --createdb
    • Another interesting message - WARNING: pwsafe unable to seed rng. Check $RANDFILE. - let’s look through the code to understand where this warning comes from and how pwsafe seeds rng.
  • Jason Fried (CEO of Basecamp / 37 Signals) walks us through Campfire - the first ONCE product.

    • DHH’s announcement.
    • With the ONCE model you buy Campfire and it is yours - no recurring monthly fees. This was first built back in 2006. Now the product and its source are available for purchase and I look forward to sifting through the code.