Making a logo for this web page

Aseprite is a lot of fun. (Esp. when laying on the couch w/ some low fever.) My daughters are learning from “Make Your Own Pixel Art” by Jennifer Dawe, Matthew Humphries.

I on the other hand am perfectly happy with the Aseprite Quick Reference / Cheat Sheet.

Here are a few fun experiments (trying to create a fun logo for this web page):

trying to make it look like an amber monochrome CRT

Using orange and turning antialiasing off.
Still does not look like a CRT from the early 90s though. (ChatGPT 4 generated below)

Let’s try a black background


transparent background seems best

“we write about… everything” is reminiscent of early 2000’s Detroit radio station WDRQ (93.1 Doug FM) - “We Play Everything


Stuffing more text

Added “Delyan Raychev’s daily notes” - did not yield good result. Will add this in the description of this Discourse site instead.


Let’s make this more fun

I like this tiny rancher person. Green shirt and brown pants. Good enough.