Is localhost development still relevant? Yes! Yes it is - especially for competetive programming (2024-03-06)

We are coding on Chromebook C13 Yoga (Lenovo Thinkpad) with Coreboot and Slackware 15. It is fun to explore KDE, use Konsole, code in Kate and chat with our daughters via shared tmux sessions and emacs buffers.

We do hear murmuring about The End of Localhost but we like our local dev environments.

Ok - building in the cloud for the cloud makes sense.

But - for competitive programming - working locally with speed and accuracy (no need for company-wide team work or production-grade long-term supported software) – localhost is actually a must.

Here is Gennady Korotkevich moving with superhuman speed through CodeForces 1481 B. Negative Prefixes: