Getting ready to read some OpenBSD code 2024-02-03

  • reading through the OpenBSD source code - one should definitely start with Netiquette

Plain text, 72 characters per line.
Many subscribers and developers read their mail on text-based mailers like mail(1), emacs or mutt, and they often find HTML-formatted messages (or lines that stretch beyond 72 characters) unreadable. Most OpenBSD mailing lists strip messages of MIME content before sending them out to the rest of the list. If you don’t use plain text, your messages will be reformatted. If they cannot be reformatted, they will be summarily rejected. The only mailing lists that allow file attachments are the bugs, ports and tech lists. They will be removed from messages on the others.

I have used mutt and alpine (and still use once in awhile) but I wonder if it is true that “many subscribers and developers” actually read their mail on text-based mailers…

  • When it comes to OpenBSD mailing lists

To subscribe to a given list, send mail to with a message body of “subscribe mailing-list-name” (where mailing-list-name is the name of your preferred list).

  • One of the more interesting lists (to me) is (Archive) - Automated mail of CVS source tree changes in the src, xenocara and www repositories.

Every time a developer commits a change to the OpenBSD CVS tree, a message is mailed out to all the subscribers of these lists, containing the commit comments.