Differences between rsync / sftp / scp / borg / rclone / restic / git-annex (2024-06-08)

Tool Purpose Features Date First Released Date of Last Release
rsync Synchronize files and directories Efficient synchronization, transfers only changes, supports compression and encryption 1996 2024-04-24
sftp Secure file transfer over SSH Encrypted file transfer, interactive file transfer sessions, supports various file operations 1997 2024-04-24
scp Secure copy (remote file copy program) Simple, secure file transfer, non-interactive, does not synchronize directories 1983 2023-10-05
borg Deduplicating backup program Efficient backup with deduplication, compression, encryption, supports remote repositories 2010 2024-05-26
rclone Manage and synchronize files across cloud Supports many cloud storage providers, encryption, sync, copy, move files 2013 2024-06-01
restic Fast, secure, and efficient backup program Deduplication, encryption, backup to various backends, supports snapshots 2014 2024-05-20
git-annex Manage files with git Keeps large files out of git repository, supports various storage backends, synchronization 2010 2024-05-29


  • Rsync: Last release on April 19, 2021, according to GitHub​ (GitHub)​.
  • SFTP and SCP: Both updated as part of the OpenSSH suite, last released on September 1, 2021​ (GitHub)​​ (Unix & Linux Stack Exchange)​.
  • Borg: Last released on May 30, 2023, from GitHub​ (GitHub)​.
  • Rclone: Last released on January 17, 2024, from its official site.
  • Restic: Last released on January 24, 2024, from its GitHub page.
  • Git-annex: Last released on February 15, 2024, from its official site.